Hi there,
Since you have arrived here you must be curious about us. Let us explain Placementprep is and what values we have to offer. 
From the home page it might look we are same as other Institutes providing training in skill development. Its true we are a training institute but what we provide is totally different from other institutes. 
As the name suggests we prepare students for placements. When a student interviews for in any company the one thing that the company looks for inside a student is his/her problem solving skill. The way the student approaches the problem. Our 2-month course prepares students to face this challenge. Our first month training trains the student with a skill - Web development and Android app development and in the second month, the students go through an internship under a mentor where students get to solve real life problems. In the first month, we also take classes on cracking aptitude tests and interviews. All classes will be taken by alums of IIT, NIT, JU etc along with trainers who have several years of experience in web development and android app development.
"We are not selling hope. We are selling good skills."
Hope to see you in class soon.